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School Committees

New Sweden School Committee:


Lydia Baker

Tammy Dube
Melanie Lagasse

Laurie Spooner

Westmanland School Committee:


Jane Hunter
Jessica Roy

Sigrid Houlette



Woodland School Committee:

Robert Butler

Stephanie Molaver

Heather Pelletier

Emily Robertson

Ethan Rossignol

New Sweden School Committee

The New Sweden School Committee meets one time per year in December.  Please contact the superintendent's office for the date, time, and location at 207-498-8436.



Woodland School Committee

The Woodland School Committee holds their regular monthly meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Woodland Superintendents Office. 


Westmanland School Committee

The Westmanland School Committee meets one time per year.   The exact date and time will be posted here and in the Aroostook Republican. 



School Union #122 Joint Committee

The Union Joint Committee is held in December.  





School Union #122 Committee Calendar Click HERE



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