Woodland Woodchucks Weekly Notice

June 10, 2020

This will be the last newsletter for this school year. This certainly will be a year that will be remembered. It is amazing how quickly people can come together to make things happen and how creativity comes into play.

Our Class of 2020 had a nontraditional graduation outside. A huge thank you to Jenn Holmes for all of her hard work in making this come together and all of the fun videos she had on facebook leading up to the graduation. Also, thank you Kristi Bray, Janelle Zeigler, Sandy Swan, Shawn Landeen, Jerry Holmes, Tamber Craig, and several 8th graders for helping out. Bob Masse, a huge thank you for letting us borrow your trailer for the stage!

Report cards will be mailed this Friday, June 12th.

We have started looking at what the fall start up will look like for our school and have some scenarios but nothing is definite, as guidelines will change throughout the summer. As mid July approaches we will hopefully have a better idea.

The staff and I would like to thank all the parents and extended families that continued to work with the children to insure that education was still happening. We realize this was not an easy task but kudos to all of you!

Woodland School will continue to deliver meals for the remainder of this month with June 29th scheduled to be the last day. If you happen to run into any of the following ladies please give them a big thank you for helping to make this happen: Ms. Jamie, Peggy Deveau, Leslie, Gagnon, Donna Hale, Ricketta Belanger, Kris Ferland , Sue Stedt, and Kitty Doar. I don’t want to leave out our awesome drivers – Bob Ekman, Roland Belanger, Alice Philbrick, Bob Stedt, and Dan Deforge!

One more person to thank is Sandy Swan for helping with the deliveries.

There will be School Board meeting this Thursday, June 11th @ 6 pm. Go to the website for information on joining the meeting.

For students ages 6-through high school I am attaching a contest that if interested please participate and submit your entry. The contest is an opportunity for students to share what learning and being a part of a school community means to them. If any material is needed to do the contest please call me at 496-2981 and I will get it for you.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful summer and hope to see you soon!

Thought for the month:

“Education is unfolding the wings of head and heart together. A true teacher pushes the students out of the nest to strengthen the wings”.


                                                                                                                                                                                          -Amit Ray


Have a great and safe summer!

Susie Schloeman

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