Woodchuck Weekly Notice

 February 12, 2020


Due to last Friday being a snow day we will be having our Wear Red Day for Women’s Heart Health this Friday, February 14th.  We would like to have as many students and staff wear red to show their support and it also fits well with Valentine’s Day!

The school year calendar has been updated on the website. You will notice that the last day of school is tentatively June 12th. Let’s hope this is the end of our snow days.

Most of you are familiar with our STAR360 assessments we use to monitor the students progress in both math & reading. If you go to the school website on the homepage, you will find the testing windows posted for STAR360. Teachers may also choose to assess students outside the windows if they want to monitor their progress more frequently, prior to SST meetings, or if a student did not test well and the teacher knows they can do better. It’s a very good assessment that gives the teachers feedback on areas each student needs to focus on for improvement, which can be used during RTI times.


There is no school February 17-21 due to vacation.

Some of the PE classes have been snowshoeing off from the ski trails in the woods. The trails are not very long but makes for a nice family outing. Please stay off what is marked as the ski trails.

Menu change: This Friday, February 14th, lunch will be fish sticks, sweet potato fries, baby carrots, mixed fruit and milk.

If your child is ill, they must be fever free (less than 100F degrees) for at least 24 hours before returning to school. They must be vomiting and diarrhea free for 24 hours as well. Students are encouraged to carry water bottles with solely water as a beverage. Soda, coffee and other beverages may not be carried in the classroom without a note from a Medical Provider.


Upcoming Events:


Feb 13-PTA Activity

Feb 14-Wear Red Day & Valentine’s Day

Feb 17-21-February vacation

Feb 25-Good News Club

Feb 26-XC ski meet @ Ashland 3:30 (Freestyle)

Feb 27-School Board meeting 6:00


Thought for the month:


 “Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life”.                                                  


                                                                                    ~W.E.B. DuBois                                                                                                                      


Have a great week!



 Susie Schloeman


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